Why Sliding Sash Windows are an Excellent Choice for a New Build Home

Sliding sash windows are a design associated with period homes. However, looking around at some of the better new developments, you’ll see that more construction companies are using sash windows alongside other traditional features like chimneys and Georgian-style front doors.

Sash windows create a more classic and traditional feel, and even if there are loads of houses that are essentially all the same, they still improve the look and feel of a development. However, for someone building their own new home in a contemporary style, sash windows may not be the obvious choice, but they are surprisingly versatile and can work well with a modern dwelling.

The Advantages of Sliding Sash Windows

Modern sliding sash windows can recreate period charm, but they can also be styled to suit a more contemporary home and have many advantages.

  • When closed, the windows are designed to fit snugly in their frames and block out noise in busy environments. Add acoustic laminated glass for even better sound performance
  • Using their design and thermally effective glass, sliding sash windows offer excellent energy efficiency. Even wooden units can provide the same performance as uPVC tripled-glazed windows
  • Sash windows give the highest level of security when compared to other window designs and feature a locking mechanism that prevents them from being opened from the outside
  • Sash windows offer excellent ventilation on hot days – their design controls airflow and provides multiple options
  • Modern sash windows are low maintenance. Timber choices and wood treatments mean less re-painting, or homeowners can opt for uPVC or metal frames

Sash Windows for a Contemporary Home

If you plan a new build in a traditional style like mock Georgian, then sliding sash windows will be the obvious choice. However, if your architect has hatched something uber-modern, then sash windows might not seem like a contender.

Contemporary homes often feature glass walls, particularly if there are good views over a garden or beyond. Natural light is always a big priority. However, sash windows can make a good mix with this as they offer plenty of light in other rooms where privacy is important.

Sliding sash windows can be given a contemporary look with minimal glazing bars and narrow frames. Using dark colours instead of traditional white will also match a modern home. Remember, sash windows can also slide from side to side as well as up and down, providing a whole host of structural choices, especially in locations where there is little space outside that particular wall.

Giving a Contemporary Vibe to an Older House

Older houses are enduringly popular as family homes. Large rooms with a traditional family-friendly layout are usually matched with extensive gardens with lots of potential for extending the house or enjoying outside space.

Many homeowners want to add a modern touch to an Edwardian or Victorian house. Replacing traditional sliding sash windows with a more contemporary design is one way to do this. It sympathetically modernises the property without detracting from the overall character. It’s also a way of personalising your home in a street where there may be many uniform houses in a row.

Reducing the number of glazing bars, making the window frames thinner and changing to a darker colour or stain are all ways to contemporise the look whilst sticking with a traditional design. Just be careful if your house is listed or you live in a conservation area, as there will be restrictions on what sash window variations you can fit to the property and even your colour choices. If you install something contravening the regulations, you will be forced to remove it and re-fit something more traditional that complies.

We manufacture sliding sash windows to suit any style and age of property, from the ancient and historic to the uber-contemporary new build. All our windows combine traditional craftsmanship with modern materials to produce supremely efficient units for thermal regulation, acoustic control, draughtproofing and security. Designs can be tailored to any style of property, size and challenge. We also restore old sliding sash with on-site service for minor repairs and workshop refurbishment for windows in poor condition.

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