What is Installsure & Why We’re Proud to Be a Member

Installsure is the new name for the specialist insurance provider to the UK glass and glazing industry. Installsure was created by the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) in 2005, the main representative body in the UK for companies involved in the manufacture of flat glass and installation and glazing services.

I nstallsure provides insurance products for companies installing new windows and doors and undertaking renovations and refurbishment of existing windows and doors for both the domestic and commercial markets.

What’s an IBG and what does this mean to the Customer?

Most quality window and door installation companies provide a written guarantee for their workmanship and the installation process.

An IBG is an insurance-backed guarantee which s a policy that essentially insures the guarantee should the window company cease to trade and go into liquidation. An IBG is not an actual guarantee but an insurance product that backs the guarantee issued by the installer, and this offers customers a double layer of reassurance and protection. IBGs are sometimes also called guarantee insurance policies, warranty insurance policies, or indemnity insurance.

If the window installation company ceases to trade and there is a problem with the installation that the installer would have resolved if they were in business, then a claim can be submitted by the property owner directly to the IBG provider.

How does an IBG work for the customer?

A guarantee insurance policy is taken out after the installation at a customer’s home by the installer on behalf of the property owner. The installer pays for the cover and the property owner becomes the policyholder. The installer notifies Installsure and the policy is then issued on behalf of the installer and in the name of the property owner. This documentation is given to the property owner alongside their guarantee paperwork.

If the worst comes to the worst and the installer disappears or goes into liquidation, then the guarantee insurance policy will replicate the original guarantee that the company gave to the homeowner. This allows the property owner to make a claim if the installation is defective in some way. It puts them back into the position they would have been in if the installer were still in business.

The homeowner can only claim under the IBG for things that would have been covered by the original guarantee, the policy won’t be wider than the guarantee provisions, it will only mirror them. Like any insurance policy, there will be exclusions so customers should always read carefully both the terms of the guarantee and the IBG, so they are fully aware of what they are entitled to claim for under both schemes if they encounter a problem with the installation later on.

The Link between Insurance Backed Guarantees and FENSA

FENSA stands for ‘Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme’ and is a government-authorised scheme that monitors window and door installation companies, ensuring their work is compliant with building regulations. This applies to both new and old properties and residential and commercial buildings in England and Wales.

FENSA was the first ‘Competent Person Scheme’ created by the government and there is a list of accredited window and door installers on the FENSA website that homeowners can consult when they are looking for an installer.

FENSA members must complete their work in line with current building regulations and support it with an insurance-backed warranty. Homeowners will receive a FENSA certificate from a FENSA installer. If a property owner has used a non-FENSA registered company, then the work will need to be assessed by the building control department at the local council which can issue a Building Regulations certificate providing the installation or repairs are compliant.

FENSA-registered installers must provide a guarantee insurance policy alongside a FENSA certificate. The customer should not be required to pay for either service, the cost of the IBG is a charge which should be borne by the installer.

We repair, restore and manufacture timber windows and doors and are proud to be a member of both FENSA and Installsure, offering an extra layer of reassurance and protection to all our customers, both domestic and commercial. We produce windows and doors for all types of properties from contemporary new builds to traditional houses and historic homes. Because all our windows and doors are made from scratch, we can make any style or size and match existing features and colours. We offer the very best blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern tools and materials, creating beautiful windows and doors that offer acoustic control, thermal regulation, draughtproofing, and security.

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