What Are the Best Blinds For Sash Windows?

H owever, anyone who picks up a brochure or checks out blinds.

H owever, anyone who picks up a brochure or checks out blinds online will quickly realise there is an almost overwhelming amount of choice so what are the best designs for sash windows? Here are the top choices.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made from fabric that hangs completely flat when closed and then retracts into neat folds when the blind is raised. The style of Roman blinds perfectly complements the way that sash windows work plus the ruched or folded fabric that sits at the top of the window, creates a lovely decorative feature even when the blind is open. Roman blinds are the perfect combo of stylish and functional and look great in just about any interior including slick contemporary spaces, elegant Georgian rooms, and rustic country cottages.

Roman blinds offer huge choices when it comes to the type and colour of the fabric contrasting or complementing almost any type of interior décor. Thicker fabrics can help to retain heat and reduce draughts. They usually work well within the recess but offer the option of either in-recess or outside recess fitting. If you have sliding sashes as part of a bay window design, then they are a perfect choice and won’t compromise the look or style of this feature.

Roman blinds can be cordless and there are even motorised designs.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of rigid slats which move up and down to cover the window and they can also be tilted. The greater the angle, the more shade and privacy are offered. When retracted, they sit at the top of the window.

Venetian blinds are really versatile with a huge range of colours, materials and finishes including soft and hardwoods, metal and plastic, consequently, they work in almost any age and style of property. They sit well in a contemporary interior where decoration is minimalistic and colours white or pale. Rich, hardwood Venetians can also look stunning in a period home partnered with sumptuous brocade curtains and tiebacks.

Venetian blinds are usually fitted inside the recess. They are a good option for sash windows in kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to keep clean.

There are shutters and there are shutters! Café-style shutters cover the bottom half of the window, so-called to shield diners in streetside restaurants and eateries but also perfect for period properties that front busy locations. Café-style shutters provide light and privacy at the same time and won’t spoil the look of your sash windows. There are lots of design variations that you can tailor to your home and specific rooms.

Roller Blinds

A roller blind is one of the simplest blind designs, literally, a sheet of material which rolls up and around a bar when the blind is open and then unfurls to its full length to cover the window when the blind is lowered. A plain roller blind is very de minimus and won’t detract from the beauty of your sash windows. Stick to a pale colour or white and you won’t even notice that they’re there.

Roller blinds are available in almost any fabric or colour and can be fitted inside or outside the window recess. They are suitable as blackout blinds and can also be supplied in cordless or motorised designs.

Before you Buy

It’s more than likely that if you have old sash windows then your blinds will need to be made to measure and that won’t be a cheap exercise. So, before you click ‘buy now’, here are some key considerations to help you make the right choice of design.

  • Think about privacy, are there times when you are going to want a total screen, like in the lounge during the evening or upstairs in a bedroom?
  • Are the blinds for sash windows in a room that suffers from bright or invasive light? This might be a streetlight in front of a period townhouse that disrupts sleep or piercing early morning light in a bedroom, these rooms may require blackout blinds
  • Think about how your choice of blind design and what it is made from will look with the room’s décor? A modern style might not notice when the blinds are retracted away but won’t look right when they are completely lowered in front of the window
  • How much do you need to regulate sun and shade, is the room south-facing?
  • Think about the practicality of what the blinds are made from, how easy are they to clean especially for damp environments like a bathroom or kitchen?
  • Do you want the blinds to sit within the window recess or outside the recess? Blinds that sit outside the recess cover the whole window aperture including the windowsill whereas recessed blinds sit literally right in front of the glass panes. The right decision will depend upon the size and shape of the window and the age and style of your home. Large window sills or window seats are a feature so recessed blinds often work better with this type of sash window
  • Don’t overlook the sash window mechanism and how the windows work. The best types of blinds for sash windows are those which open vertically and complement the sash window operation

Remember, whichever style you choose for your sash windows, blinds can be combined with other types of window dressing, like full-length curtains or voile drapes. This can soften the look of the blinds and frame the window in a more decorative way whilst still letting the blinds perform their function of adjusting light, shade and privacy.

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