Timber Doors

Quality timber doors

Our wooden sliding sash windows bring genuine charm and character to every home, faithfully recreating traditional designs while maintaining excellent thermal performance.

Various sliding sash options

We can offer two different types of sliding sash styles including spiral balance as well as cords and weights so you can find the perfect match for your project.

Recreate traditional sliding sash designs

Recreate classic designs with our full range of sash products including slim frames, timber only parting beads, baton rods, sash horns and more.

Energy efficient

Sash-windows timber sliding sash windows are available in double or triple glazing. Both are compliant with the updated Part building regulations and achieve fantastic U-values.

High performing

Not only are our sliding sash windows incredible insulators, they also have great noise reduction capabilities, helping to reduce sounds from outside your property.

For supply-only timber windows, I’ve found that Sash Windows is the best option. Their exceptional customer service, top-tier products, and competitive pricing make them the perfect partner for any of my projects.


Sash Windows are the best supplier of commercial timber windows and doors. Their exceptional service, top-notch product quality, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing made them the perfect choice for me. I highly recommend them.


We have recently purchased five windows and a door from Sash-Windows. The whole process from start to finish has been excellent. They made the ordering and design process really easy and kept me updated on the delivery date, and they even helped me find local trades to install the windows.



Timber Door FAQ’s

What are Casement Windows?
Casement windows are a popular and versatile style offering endless configurations to suit different apertures and a wide range of property types. Hinged at either the side or the top, casements can combine with blind panels that don’t open in a large bay or feature window. Practical, high-functioning, secure and thermally efficient, casement windows offer a limitless choice of styles and glazing to suit houses from the truly ancient to the latest contemporary design.
What is the maximum size for a casement window?
There is a maximum size on casement windows because of various risks, unlike fixed windows and sliding glass. There is a limit to how much the holding mechanisms can support. The maximum height and width are 6 feet 8 inches and 3 feet 2 inches, respectively. A double-hung window can be 10 feet tall or perhaps a little bit higher, and at least 5 feet wide.
How far do casement windows open?
Casement windows can open as far as 90 degrees to let fresh air in. The crank device keeps the window secure even when it is fully open.
Are casement windows safe?
A casement window is among the safest types of windows for a home since, when closed and latched, it cannot be opened from the outside.

Precision Engineering

We use the latest technologies while developing our precision engineered sash window.

ASBP Accredited

ASBP Members and committed to a healthy low carbon environment using sustainable.

FSC® 100%

We only use FSC® 100% certified timber on all of our windows.

Why Choose Sash Windows

Family run business with over 25 years experience

World Land Trust

For every door you buy we donate £1 to World Land Trust

Our clients

We’ve had the pleasure of supplying windows for some of the nicest homes and best companies in the UK.

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