The British Woodworking Federation & Sash Windows

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is the voice of the woodworking sector in the UK, a trade association for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry. The BWF currently has 500 members including manufacturers, installers, and distributors, and covers all types of timber products including windows, doors, conservatories, staircases, furniture, and interior and architectural joinery. As…

What is the BWF Code of Conduct?

The BWF Code of Conduct is pivotal to the operation of the Federation and is a standard against which all members are audited. When a company or organisation joins the BWF, they sign up to a rigorous set of standards covering different aspects of its business such as workmanship, company stewardship, and environmental issues.

The BWF visits each company as part of the pre-membership vetting process. A new applicant can either be awarded intermediate endorsement which shows they are working towards full compliance (normally achieved within twelve months) or confirmed compliant with immediate effect.

The Code of Conduct includes an eight-point assessment: –

  • Customer care and response to complaints
  • Technical expertise and training
  • Environmental impact and waste management
  • Sustainability: members must use their best endeavours to meet best practice and source from sustainable sources
  • Financial status and stability
  • Full insurance cover
  • Clarity of contractual dealings
  • Compliance with employment, health and safety, and education legislation

The Code of Conduct sets out the standards expected of members relating to the quality of service, manufacture, and sourcing of timber. It outlines the principles of good practice for a woodworking or joinery business. The Code of Conduct has the following aims:-

  • To set a benchmark for the woodworking and joinery industry and help BWF members achieve it
  • Promote and encourage high standards and quality in this sector
  • Give members confidence in their colleagues
  • Ensure recognition for the BWF logo as a mark of quality so that both trade customers and the public choose BWF members for their projects

It is the Code of Conduct that attracts and drives quality membership and in turn, the BWF strives to offer the best possible support and service to its members.

‘Building it Better with Wood’

This is the mission statement of the BWF, promoting the inherent advantages of using wood in construction and design whilst also focusing on sustainability and productivity. The BWF promotes the British woodworking sector in lots of different areas including health and safety, manufacturing, skills, and training.

The BWF is a forum where companies, organisations, and experts can share their experiences for the greater good, solve problems and engage with suppliers and their competitors. Interaction is via focused meetings, working groups, or more informal social events.

The Bigger Picture

The BWF also represents the woodworking and joinery industry to the government, the construction industry, and the public at large. For members, they offer support and regulatory information as well as guidance for commercial contractors looking for specific timber products for their projects.

Draughtproofing is something most handy householders can undertake themselves with DIY kits available from hardware stores. If you want a more professional job, then this is something to discuss with your contractor when it comes round to painting time.

And for the Public…?

The BWF logo acts as a reassurance to the public that the member they are working with has been audited by the BWF and adheres to strict standards in terms of how they run their business.

The usual public concerns are the reliability of the trader, the quality of the product, and increasingly, sustainability and ethical practices. BWF members have already been assessed in these key areas, so the BWF logo is a sign of quality and reassurance to homeowners when they are looking for a joinery business to complete either indoor or outdoor woodwork.

We are proud to be full members of BWF. Their logo endorses our long-established and rigorous practices where we strive to deliver quality joinery products to domestic and commercial customers.

We repair and refurbish timber windows and doors for domestic homes and commercial buildings. We also bespoke manufacture timber joinery in an almost limitless range of sizes, shapes, and styles, blending the very best of traditional techniques and classic craftsmanship with modern materials and technologies. We aim to offer beautiful products designed for 21st-century living so customers can enjoy optimal thermal regulation, acoustic control, draughtproofing, and security with absolutely no compromise on style or design aesthetic.

Contact us here to find out more about our repair and refurbishment services plus bespoke window and door design and manufacture.