10 - 12 weeks lead time on sash windows

Phil Whalebelly

Timber Spray Finisher
15 months with Sash Windows

Phil works in the paint spray booth and is responsible for the preparation and spraying of all new joinery. He starts with the raw window or door and applies an impregnating material to weatherproof the wood followed by a water-based primer and then an eggshell paint, that’s four coats in total.

Phil says, “the great thing about a spray gun finish is that you don’t get any brush marks, just a nice flat finish. However, there’s more to it than just waving a gun around!”. Phil has been spraying timber for 43 years and is City & Guilds qualified with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the wood-finishing industry. Away from work, he enjoys walking, cycling and spending money!

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