10 - 12 weeks lead time on sash windows

Joseph Blackhall

Apprentice Bench Joiner
2 years with Sash Windows

Joe is an apprentice joiner and helps the guys in the joinery put the windows together, choosing the wood and machining it from rough timber. Joe sets up the machines every day alongside the other apprentice and they are involved in shaping, moulding, and planning the wood and making the joints, the whole process of creating the raw window ready for painting.

“I get the measurements from the paperwork and technical drawings and cut the timber to the specific sizes on the customer’s order and join it together – it takes more than one day to make a window including all the sanding, so it’s ready for painting. Outside of work, I enjoy a few outdoor hobbies like camping, swimming, and photography. This job suits me well as constructing the different windows is both creative and practical.”

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