Sliding Sash Windows, the Perfect Choice for a New Build

Sash windows are commonly associated with traditional and period homes, but if you take a look around at some of the latest housing developments, you’ll often see sliding sash windows alongside other conventional features like chimneys and Georgian-style front doors.

Sash windows remain one of the best forms of light and ventilation but have a classic design aesthetic that can transform a collection of modern new builds into something more timeless and pleasing to the eye.

However, sliding sash windows are about far more than just old houses and large developments trying to create a softer look. If you are planning a contemporary new build, why not consider sash windows as your fenestration choice?

What are the Advantages of Sash Windows?

Sash windows are primarily associated with period or traditional properties, but putting aside their visual design for a moment, how do sash windows rate in terms of operation, practicality and functionality? As a window choice, there is none better and here’s why: –

  • Sash windows are incredibly versatile with a range of designs, shapes, sizes and operation
  • Timber sash windows are environmentally friendly, especially if you choose sustainable wood from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) supplier
  • Sash windows are one of the most secure and burglar-proof designs you can select for your home
  • New timber products and treatments mean wooden sash windows are low maintenance
  • Lightweight 21st-century glazing offers all the thermal regulation you want in a single pane of glass, so you don’t need to compromise on performance and energy efficiency
  • If you grew up in an old house or have ever lived in terraced student housing, then you might remember the trademark sash window rattle…modern draughtproofing techniques mean that this is a thing of the past, protecting your comfort and your heating bills
  • Sash windows can be fitted to be ultra snug without impacting their operation, blocking out external noise for optimal acoustic control in busy locations
  • Modern materials like pre-stretched cord have ironed out some of the classic snags with traditional sash windows, meaning you can have a faithful and original design, just without the challenges

Are Sash Windows just too Old-Fashioned for a New Build?

If you are planning a new build in a traditional Georgian style, then sash windows are an obvious choice. However, if you’ve hatched up something ultra-contemporary with an architect, then you might feel they are not appropriate or even functional for your needs. However, sash window styling and design are limitless in their flexibility. There are so many ways to use this classic style and tailor it to provide a uniquely contemporary finish.

  • Narrow timber or aluminium frames create a modern design aesthetic, and this can be followed through with the astragal bars which divide up the glass panes
  • Fewer panes of glass have a more modern appearance, but you can vary how the glass is sectioned, especially if you use a supplier like WRSW, who make every new window from scratch
  • How you dress the window is significant. Use blinds to create a modern ambience for the interior and a minimalist look from the outside
  • Recessing sliding sash windows has a more traditional appearance, why not sit them flush in the wall, which is more contemporary
  • Paint colour significantly impacts whether the finished window appears old, traditional, or modern. Choose dark, matt colours like grey or stain the wood in different tones, and you will be amazed at how this traditional window design can morph into something quite different

Most people underestimate just how much flexibility there is in the design and construction of sash windows, not a problem for WRSW as we bespoke every new window, and so we’re able to create something ultra-modern for clients who want it. This is a truly universal window design – probably why it lasted for two centuries – and it’s so adaptable. There isn’t a property that won’t suit a sash window if the window is designed, finished and dressed in the right way.

We handmake timber sash and casement windows for all types of domestic and commercial properties, from the uber-modern to old and historic homes. We can accommodate any design, shape and style and offer an almost infinite variety of paint colours. We also repair and refurbish existing sash windows and can blend the new and old quite seamlessly. Whilst our craftsmanship and techniques are traditional, all our windows benefit from the latest materials and offer optimal thermal regulation, acoustic control, draughtproofing, privacy and security.

Contact us here to learn more about our new sash window design service and our repair and restoration solutions.