Should I Choose Sliding Sash Windows for My New Build?

More and more new building developments are following classical principles and using sash windows plus other features like traditional style front doors and chimneys to improve the design aesthetic of new housing estates.

E ven centuries after the Georgian era, sash windows are still considered a desirable addition to new homes, they add a style and cachet that elevates construction and imbues multiple new homes with a quality that is pleasing to the eye. So, if you have a new house being built or even if you are renovating a property built in the last thirty or forty years, should you choose sash windows for your home?

What is a Sliding Sash Window?

A sash window is just a single frame for glazing. The sash sits inside the frame which is attached to the wall. A double-hung sash window will have two sashes that slide up and down. Each sash is usually split into a number of glazing panes dependent upon the style of the property, the age of the window, or the choice of design. Occasionally, you might see a sash window that slides from side to side. There are also earlier examples of sash windows where one of the sashes is fixed in place.

Sash windows appeared in the Georgian period in the UK and were then widely used throughout the following decades right through to the mid-20th century. Even now, they are popular in traditional style new developments and self-builds.

Sliding Sash Windows as part of a Renovation Project

From the Georgian era through to the Victoria and Edwardian periods, it is possible to age a house by the style of the windows. Even in the early post-war years, windows were still a distinctive feature but by the time of the mass building of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, new homes became much more generic, and the windows were a total non-feature.

The advantage of these properties is that it is possible to add in new sliding sash windows to upgrade and stylise the house without contravening any kind of previous design statement because there really wasn’t one. Bespoke timber windows can be made to suit any style or shape so you can take your own version of the classic Georgian sash and have something built to both fit and enhance your home.

Timber or uPVC?

We make all our new sliding sash windows in timber, whether that’s a replacement window for a period property or a new window for a contemporary home, or a new build. Timber offers an authenticity that works with old properties. The window is likely to be sitting in a wall made of old brick, stone, or other materials like cob or wattle and daub, it is a living material that moves with the building and has a grain and texture that is absent from uPVC.

For new builds and contemporary homes, we also use timber because it adds definition and texture. Because we manufacture windows in our own joinery, we can make any design, shape or style so the options are limitless which isn’t always the case with uPVC.

Many people are rightly nervous about timber windows in terms of their performance levels and care and upkeep. However, new hardwoods like Accoya which are endlessly durable and require less maintenance, new timber treatments, and 21st century glazing mean a modern timber sash window can offer all of the performance of a plastic equivalent.

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The Best of the Old and the New

Modern materials and techniques mean the sliding sash window has had a bit of an upgrade and is now fit for 21st-century living. Gone are the thermally inefficient single panes of glass now replaced with lightweight single panes that actually manage heat loss and reduce solar gain. Draughtproofing is dealt with as part of the design – it’s easier with a new build as the fit can be made so much better from the outset. New rope and pulley systems have ironed out the old problems of cord which stretched causing the window to go out of balance.

Convection and Performance

Because sliding sash windows open at the top and the bottom, they offer great convection when it’s hot, cooling and ventilating a room much more efficiently than a standard casement window. Windows can be locked in any position meaning there are no security concerns or safety issues around children.

New timber sliding sash windows are an excellent choice for new builds and the renovation of properties built within the last thirty or forty years. They add heritage-inspired elements to new home designs and are full of character and charm plus they increase kerb appeal and even value.

We manufacture sash windows for all types of properties, from ultra-modern houses to traditional buildings and historic period homes. We can tailor a design in virtually any size and style with an infinite choice of colours. We offer the best traditional techniques and craftsmanship combined with modern materials so that our sash windows not only look the part but offer optimal thermal regulation, acoustic control, draughtproofing, and security.

Contact us here to find out more about bespoke sash window design for your new home or renovation project.