10 - 12 weeks lead time on sash windows

Secondary Glazing
Sash Windows

Our secondary glazing solution is perfect for maintaining the style and appearance of your home, helping your existing windows to perform much better. Secondary glazing adds several benefits including improved thermal regulation, increased security and reduced noise pollution. Our secondary glazing is a stylish and cost-effective alternative to installing new sash windows.

Secondary Glazing Stats

Reduces noise
pollution by


Avg. installation

1 day


10 years

Reduces heat
loss by

c. 65%

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of supplying windows for some of the nicest homes and best companies in the UK.

Secondary Glazing

Mr. McKane

Just had 2-bedroom sash windows refurbished and painted by 3 hardworking chaps from William Richards who have made a first-class job. Secondary double glazing had to be taken out and replaced and it was all done in 2 days with everywhere hoovered and rooms left spotless. I'm hoping I don't have to have any other windows done but will have no hesitation to go back to William Richards if the need arises!

Samantha Rhys

We dabbled with the idea of having new sash windows installed but after speaking with the lovely Bobby on the phone we decided to go with the secondary glazing option. It was a very pleasant experience. The workmanship was excellent. You can feel the benefits of the secondary glazing now. Less noise, more heat. 10 stars


  • Draughty, Noisy, or Both?

    If you suffer from a lot of external noise or have draughty windows, then our secondary glazing solution is perfect for you. We can reduce heat loss by up to 65% and noise levels will come down by up to 80%. A warmer, less noisy house, makes for a better home.

  • Isn’t Secondary Glazing for Old Houses?

    Not necessarily. As with everything, time moves on. We supply secondary glazing for both period and modern windows, and our secondary glazing can upgrade a range of windows sliding vertically, horizontally or with hinges. Our happy customers are a testament to the benefits.

  • Is Secondary Glazing Safe?

    Our secondary glazing system enhances window security. The older windows get, the more worn they become; secondary glazing reinforces and optimises security. A heavy duty locking system comes as standard with our secondary glazing solutions.

Secondary Glazing
Case Study

We proudly supply quality secondary glazing solutions for our partners at Granada. Listen to Lindsey’s story here.