Sash Windows Launches a TikTok Account

What started out as a Gen Z app, Tik Tok has grown exponentially and in very short order into a global business hub where individuals, as well as companies, are connecting.

T ikTok has a reputation as being a platform for teenagers so why would a serious mainstream company like us want to open a TikTok account? TikTok has 689 million monthly users so this is something commercial entities like William Richards just cannot afford to ignore.

Here’s what we think.

A Little Bit of Whimsy

TikTok content is designed to be light-hearted, entertaining, and creative so this is a great opportunity to light up the people behind the faces on the website and make an authentic and human connection with our customers. It’s an excellent location for funny stories and anecdotes about the different places we see and characters we meet in our sash window manufacturing and restoration service.

TikTok allows us to enter into a dialogue and add a human dimension, it’s a place for social interest and humour and, for the majority of people finding contractors or buying online, this is an important part of the assessment and selection protocol.

Powerful Commercial Reach

TikTok has been downloaded over two billion times on Google Play and the App Store and it’s currently the most downloaded app in Apple’s iOS App Store with over 33 million downloads. This puts TikTok streets ahead of other more long-running platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. Even if you think that Gen Z isn’t the right demographic for your business (and we did), it’s hard to ignore that kind of publicity. Contrary to popular belief, TikTok has reached beyond the fingers of scrolling teenagers and is being used much more widely. 25% of TikTok users are aged between 25 and 44.

Anyone and Anything can go Viral

Video content is ruling the world and TikTok is the King of video clips, plus, literally, anything can go viral. Who’s to say that Dale and Laurence spontaneously throwing some shapes to ‘Juice’ by Lizzo in the joinery workshop won’t become the next big internet sensation?!

There’s no restriction on what can hit the headlines which makes it exciting for businesses like ours as it opens up a different route to connecting with our current and potential audience.

According to fresh data, around 86% of marketers have used influencer marketing to generate sales or increase brand awareness and TikTok is the home of influencers. Ahead of the curve, TikTok has made it easier to sift through the many options with analytical tools that help organisations and businesses to find TikTok users to partner with. It’s important to choose the right people who have the engagement, reach, demographics, and views that work for a particular company.

User Engagement is Impressive

Whether your users are numerous or just select, the amount of time the average user spends on TikTok is an impressive 52 minutes a day. There’s a lot of potential with that much engagement to increase visibility for products and services.

Unique Algorithms, Different Ad Formats, and Budget-Friendly Advertising

TikTok’s unique algorithms do all the hard work pushing clips to users identified as relevant or appropriate. Companies with modest budgets can still do well on TikTok when success on other platforms would be beyond their financial reach. TikTok is affordable and can achieve really huge results without a massive initial investment.

Different ad formats like TopView ads which are 60 seconds long and can contain website links to drive traffic or shorter In-Feed ads are just a couple of the different formats available on TikTok.

TikTok arrived in 2016 and by 2020, TikTok for Business was launched as it had become apparent how potent the platform could be for marketers and all in such a short space of time. TikTok is about creative, positive, and real moments (their words) and now TikTok for Business allows companies to use this to connect with their community and a larger, potential audience.

For us, TikTok enables us to create a much more live presence than just relying on a website plus, we can demonstrate our human side and showcase some of the stories and encounters that we get involved with every week. It takes a one-dimension website and creates a 3D presence which helps us to retain customers and reach a new audience for our quality timber joinery.

We bespoke manufacture new timber sash and casement windows and provide a full restoration and refurbishment service for all types of domestic and commercial buildings including contemporary new builds and period and historic homes. We offer an endless choice of styles and shapes using traditional craftsmanship, and quality timber blended with modern materials. Our joinery offers the best thermal regulation, soundproofing, and security for 21st-century living.

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