Sash Windows in a New Build House

S ash windows have a mystery and a cachet that is linked.

S ash windows have a mystery and a cachet that is linked to period homes, but many people don’t realise that you can also have sash windows on a new build. There are plenty of companies making new sash windows, either uPVC or timber construction and these are not just for restoration projects on period properties. Sash windows are an increasingly popular choice for new homes. Now, that’s a surprise.

So, why choose sash windows over other designs on a new build?

Sash Windows Improve the Design Aesthetic

Sash windows add a touch of style and can elevate a very ordinary property into the super league. That’s the power of good windows.

Sash windows became very popular in the Georgian era, and this continued through the Victorian and Edwardian periods right up to the end of the Second World War. From this you can deduce that sash windows really do suit almost any style of property and what’s more, they always seem to look good regardless of the type of house. Not only do sash windows work with most architectural designs but because you can add variation in terms of glass panels, then the design can be tailored to your individual home. They are a hugely flexible window style.

Don’t lose sleep over horror stories about uncooperative cords and lead weights. Modern designs incorporate a spring mechanism which is easy to operate and gets rid of all the challenges associated with old-style sashes. New timber choices like Accoya mean you enjoy all the style and tradition of timber frames but with much more longevity and crucially, far less maintenance.

Excellent Ventilation

The sash window design is enduringly popular because it lets in plenty of fresh air easily and without any difficulties. Because the sash remains flush with the house when open, there is no problem with window ingress into the room – perfect for compact homes – or a window jutting out into a path or walkway outside the property.

Choice of Materials

Homeowners can choose uPVC or traditional timber windows which can be off the shelf or bespoke to suit a specific aperture. There are numerous glazing options including lightweight thermal glass which is single pane so for traditionalists who want the original look of wood with slim glass, now this can be recreated giving your new home a touch of period style.


Sash windows offer some of the best security among window designs. A simple mechanism allows for the bottom frame to be securely locked and they are harder to force compared to hinged windows with a handle.

Thermal Regulation and Environmental Issues

Concern for the environment is a major priority when choosing fixtures and fittings for a new property. Don’t hesitate over timber, just make sure it is sustainable which means sourced from forests with FSC certification – Forest Stewardship Council. Not only is the timber harvested from properly managed woodland, but FSC certification also looks at the impact that the timber production has on the communities which surround the forest and the environmental footprint of how the wood is produced.

New technology means that glazing and draughtproofing offer a thermally efficient window so you can enjoy 18th-century styling with 21st-century warmth. But sash windows also provide great convection, cooling and ventilating a room efficiently in hot weather too.

Interior Design

Sash windows don’t just transform the exterior of your home, they are also a beautiful feature for any interior. They work well with different styles of curtains and blinds and have huge potential for those who want to showcase them with different patterns and textiles.

Choosing colours

Sash windows are a desirable feature so will increase the value of your home as well as its kerb appeal when it comes to resale.

Sash windows offer traditional style with modern performance and are perfect for a range of new build property styles. We offer bespoke timber sash windows which are crafted using traditional techniques matched with modern materials so excellent energy efficiency comes as standard. Modern glass and draughtproofing techniques promote home comfort and lower energy bills as well as excellent acoustics, ideal for properties in busy locations. A huge variety of shapes and sizes means there is no new build that we cannot fit.

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