Sash Window Reviews: Why Our Trustpilot Score Is So Important

Like it or not, customer reviews are now an essential part of obtaining business. It’s so easy for anyone to hop online and check out a company, organisation, or business and a staggering 92% of people rely on online reviews before they make a purchase.

Why Trustpilot instead of social media?

The difficulty with social media is that a brand, product, or service could literally be discussed anywhere – it’s just impossible to police every page and forum. Businesses that have social feeds often have to monitor them 24/7 so they can respond to negative comments or complaints, but that still won’t capture all of the conversations all of the time.

The best option is to direct customers and potential customers towards one safe site that everyone has heard of, and which is a respected source of genuine and authentic reviews. It’s possible to monitor Trustpilot and keep an eye on feedback about your product or service but even with a large team of people constantly trawling TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, it would be impossible to find every comment or review about a particular service or brand.

The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Ugly

Trustpilot like other areas of the internet gives everyone a voice so whilst there is an opportunity to harvest some glowing reviews and use these to leverage more business, there is also the distinct possibility that some reviews will be mediocre if not poor, and maybe even totally destructive.

The good thing about Trustpilot is that it not only captures negative reviews but gives you a chance to mitigate the damage and do something about it. Who was it that said that every negative situation or complaint is a marketing opportunity in disguise? As long as you take time to publicly respond to negative comments with helpful text, not something generic that doesn’t actually comment on the issue or mean anything, then you can actually boost how your brand is perceived and how trustworthy it is. From a business perspective, therefore, Trustpilot is a win-win situation.

With the best will in the world, it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time, mistakes happen, it’s how you respond to those mistakes which is the determining factor, and putting something right can actually carry more weight than a straightforward positive review after a good product or service well delivered. Customers are still more likely than not to return to your business even after a less-than-perfect experience if you make every effort to deal with their concerns and put right any problems.

Why do Customers like Trustpilot?

These days, most people make shopping decisions online so they have to evaluate something they can’t see, or touch be that product or service and they can’t discuss it with anyone in a face-to-face environment. This makes shopping quite an isolated experience. Trustpilot offers a collective reassurance that you are buying the right thing, the nearest you can get to a personal recommendation or chatting to a friend or neighbour about what they bought or who they used. By reading other peoples’ reviews, customers gain knowledge and insight and it makes them feel secure and that their decision is collective rather than sole.

Trustpilot is a Learning Opportunity for Customers and for Businesses

For those businesses that want to spend time on it, Trustpilot is a mine of information on what matters to your customers. Most people love the internet because it gives them a voice and so some people will leave incredibly detailed reviews, negative and positive. This information is an opportunity to find out what matters to your customers and to harvest detail that you may be unaware of or have just overlooked. Trustpilot can help businesses and organisations identify weak areas which may not be directly related to the level of the review and make improvements.

Why Trustpilot is Important to our Business?

Trustpilot is the main review site that we use to monitor our customer experience. We encourage everyone to leave their comments about our products and services, we want to hear it all. It’s so helpful to have an honest account of a customer experience, whether it’s good or not so good. We’re learning all the time and this feedback helps us to be the best versions of ourselves.

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