Sash Window Installation

1 day

Average Installation

10 years


c. 65%

Heat Loss

c. 80%

Noise Pollution

Our clients

We’ve had the pleasure of supplying windows for some of the nicest homes and best companies in the UK.

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For supply-only timber windows, I’ve found that Sash Windows is the best option. Their exceptional customer service, top-tier products, and competitive pricing make them the perfect partner for any of my projects.


Sash Windows are the best supplier of commercial timber windows and doors. Their exceptional service, top-notch product quality, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing made them the perfect choice for me. I highly recommend them.


We have recently purchased five windows and a door from Sash-Windows. The whole process from start to finish has been excellent. They made the ordering and design process really easy and kept me updated on the delivery date, and they even helped me find local trades to install the windows.


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Sliding Sash Window FAQ’s

How long does installation take on average?
That all depends on how many windows you have fitted and whether there are any challenging or unusual features. A professional team that has done a thorough survey will be able to estimate how long installation will take.
Our installation is due when it’s freezing outside. How can we minimise the impact inside the house?
A professional installation team will work room by room and keep internal doors closed so only one room at a time has a lower temperature, but that won’t last for very long. The process of taking the old window out and putting the new one in is relatively swift, it’s all the finishing that takes the time.
Do we need to move and cover the furniture before our sash window installation?
t’s always helpful for installers if they have as much free access to the windows and the surrounding area as possible. Taking down curtains and moving furniture and ornaments out of the way saves time on the day. Check with your installers if they are happy to move furniture and add covers if you aren’t able to. The best ones even hoover up before they leave!