Sash Window Fixtures and Fittings

If you think that sash windows are all about the frame and the glass, then think again. Like most old windows, sash windows are finished with a range of features sometimes called hardware or window furniture and these improve performance, fit and appearance.

There’s a lot to choose from and they can make or break your window, literally. So, what’s on offer?

Locks and Fasteners

Sash windows are streets ahead in the security stakes as they are one of the most secure window choices if correctly fitted. Locks and fasteners optimise security and provide a number of different functions. A simple lock on the top of the bottom panel can keep the window secure when it is fully closed, removing any of that trademark sash window rattle and keeping the window snug in the frame for maximum draughtproofing.

There are a huge range of other window locks and fasteners which can be added to new or restored sash windows, and which give you the option to open the window by a small amount (or even a large amount), and then lock it shut. This is great for ventilation whilst you are at home, and you can stay safe in the knowledge that someone passing by can’t slide open the window and gain entry to the property. Sash window locks are also invaluable if you have small children as it keeps them safe from falling out as you can select just the right depth of opening and they can’t fiddle with or move the window to make that larger.

Locks and fasteners are available in a huge range of designs so there is bound to be something to suit the age and style of your window plus your taste.

Choice of Metal

Sash window locks and fasteners are manufactured in a choice of metals so you can choose traditional brass to complement a period window or sleek, shiny chrome or even nickel for a more contemporary look in a modern property.

Period Astragal Bars

Astragal bars are the strips of wood which separated the small panes of glass in old sash windows. They date from the days when glass couldn’t be manufactured in large panes and the only way to glaze a window was by fitting several small sections of glass into the frame. Many people associate sash windows with this multi-paned look.

Astragal bars are available in a variety of designs to suit Georgian or Victorian sash windows.

Sash Horns

Sash horns are a beautiful design aesthetic which are commonly associated with Victorian sash windows. A sash horn is a decorative piece of wood, elegantly carved and attached to the sides of the top sash to improve its appearance. Sash horns can be included in new bespoke designs or added to existing windows as a feature. They can make the sole or double panes of the Victorian window much more stylish and ornate.

Stops or Limiters

Stops or limiters are the alternative to locking the window open although some designs do offer both features. Sometimes, it can be nice or even essential to fix the window in a particular position and stops or limiters will allow you to do this. Like window locks, there is a huge range of styles and designs.


D-handles are the most popular options for sliding sash windows and can be supplied with both a modern and traditional design aesthetic. If you want a real heritage look, then opt for a pole eye handle which replicates the traditional (and usually very large or tall) sash windows which were opened with wooden poles.

Sash lifts are a versatile type of handle fitted on the inner sash and an alternative to D-handles. They come in a variety of designs to suit contemporary and traditional homes.

Sash Jambs

Jambs are the two vertical sections running up the outer edge on each side of the window frame. Jambs are functional and keep the window secure.

We offer a comprehensive range of window furniture for traditional sash windows which not only improve the aesthetics of the window but also ensure its function and security. There is a huge range of styles and designs to choose from to suit every project, repair and restoration or bespoke new windows. We offer repairs and restoration plus we also provide a tailored design service for new windows, built on site in our workshops by our professional team. We combine the best of new techniques and materials with traditional craftsmanship to finish your window to a high specification, with security and thermal regulation and the right design aesthetic.

Contact us find out more about our new timber sash windows and our repair and restoration services.