Locks, Fasteners and Stops for Sash Windows

Security is always a big concern for homeowners.

Around one-third of break-ins occur via the windows in the property, and if you have young children, there is always the worry of accidents. Keeping sash windows securely closed or locked into position is a priority with this window style.

Sash Window Locks

There are lots of different types of locks and an infinite choice of designs, so you are bound to be able to find something that suits your tastes and fits in with the specific style of the window and property.

Quadrant Sash Window Lock Fasteners

Available in a range of metals, Quadrant locks are simple and effective. A narrow arm attaches two plates to the window frame, keeping the window securely closed.

Brighton Sash Window Lock Fasteners

Brighton locks offer an added layer of security with a screw mechanism you can lock. There are also non-locking versions.

Fitch Fasteners

Fitch fasteners are very traditional and a popular choice for sash windows in period homes. They work with a semi-circular plate on a pivot and keep windows tight shut. Fitch fasteners are available in locking and non-locking designs.

Claw Fasteners

Claw fasteners are traditional Victorian window locks that work by using a cam action to pivot a curved metal claw into a receiver.

Sash Window Stops

Sash window stops are metal pegs that protrude from the window frame and stop the window from moving beyond a certain point.

Stops come in two sections, a receiver that you screw into the inside of the frame and a steel barrel that fits inside it. They are easy to fit by drilling the right-sized hole into the frame and then screwing in the receiver. When in use, the barrel screws into the receiver. Installing stops higher up the frame allows homeowners to partially open the sash windows knowing that they won’t slide down suddenly, which can be dangerous and creates an aperture that is not enough to let someone climb in.

Restrictors – an Alternative to Sash Window Stops

Restrictors look like traditional sash window stops but are spring-loaded in design and can be locked open or closed with a key. They fit into the frame and stop the window from moving beyond a certain point. The standard opening for a sash window is 100mm, a safe distance to prevent infants from climbing out and burglars from climbing in.

Other Security Measures

Keeping your sash windows in good repair is essential to their correct operation and will enhance your home security. Windows with soft, rotten areas in the frame yield much more quickly to the pressure of a tool than a secure, well-fitting unit where the wood is tough.

Glazing is also an essential element to consider. Old, brittle panes of glass are simple to lever out. Consider changing these to modern, high-performance safety glass, which has been developed so it doesn’t affect period authenticity. Safety glass can be heat treated, tempered or laminated, making breaking it almost impossible. This type of glass will also considerably improve thermal regulation and lower energy bills. It’s true that uPVC windows are more challenging to break into than timber because the plastic tends to bend without yielding. However, most period homeowners prefer the look and feel of timber windows, and they can be equally secure if you keep them in good condition and fit the proper locks and fasteners.

Sash window locks are generally easy for the homeowner to install. They should always be removed if the windows are being stripped down and re-painted and then fitted again afterwards. Locks and fasteners can be a real feature if you choose the right design and metal to suit the window and to match any other hardware like handles; they are both functional and decorative.

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