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How Windows Can Make or Break Your Home

Windows can complete the look of any home. They can transcend the internal aesthetic and create a beautiful setup to be observed from the outside looking in. Windows are far more than a portal to the great outdoors. Yes, they add light and facilitate ventilation, two things which are essential to our everyday existence. However, homemakers often overlook the extent to which windows can introduce charm, character, and warmth to the property they’re in.

There’s something special about observing a house that has fantastic windows. The more grandeur there is the more special you’ll feel approaching your home. Visitors will also appreciate an aesthetic that says a lot about the owner, where with the right choice of windows you can secure a space you can truly be proud to call your own.

On the other hand, the wrong choice of windows can be a disaster for your home, especially if they clash with other elements or simply don’t do your home justice. Rather than going with the crowd and choosing standard windows, there are many different styles and formats that can take your home to the next level. It’s worth investing time in the decision-making process, especially as there are so many different types of windows to consider. For example, bog standard windows often fail to give off that X factor, whereas sash windows can help you create a heritage-inspired theme that’s beautiful to observe.

And why not go for something special, especially as windows are something you’ll see lots of times daily? Fail to invest in the right windows and you could leave yourself open to disappointment and a constant reminder of making the wrong choice. With this being said, let’s delve a bit deeper into why windows play such an important role in the home and how they can transform your living space into something special.

Let There Be Light

Windows are a gateway to the outside world. They facilitate a free flow of natural light into the properties they inhabit, something that’s vitally important to our existence. The right choice of window will allow as much light to enter as is necessary under certain circumstances. As humans we must get as much light as possible, so your choice of window will be a great opportunity to boost your health and overall mental well-being.

If you have some beautiful views to observe, you’d be wise to have large windows that overlook nature. With an unimpeded view of some great sights, you can relish the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Sash windows are a great way to allow as much light to enter as possible, especially as they’re big and can be fully extended upon opening. They can help to create better airflow, facilitate the entry of more natural light, and allow you to enjoy views that would otherwise be restricted.

Increased Happiness

Windows are not only a portal to the outside world but represent a portal to happiness and an enhanced sense of self. If you’re happy with your windows, they look stunning and function perfectly, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and overall joy every time you see them. When your windows are pride of place, they set a precedent that’s important to match across your entire abode. In this sense, your choice of windows will influence the design of your home, where you can be excited to create an environment that matches the tone you’ve set. With great windows comes great responsibility, where the decisions surrounding your choice of windows will help you create a setup that puts a smile on your face.

However, windows can boost your well-being in more ways than one. Tying in with the previous section, with the right windows you can increase the amount of light that’s able to enter your home. Natural light has been proven to stimulate positive energy, and studies have shown light makes us happier and more productive.

Creating A Visually Stunning Aesthetic

Windows extend far beyond serving a practical purpose. Though this is their main and arguably most important function, if they don’t look good you’ll never be happy with them. Windows can accentuate the attractiveness of your home, especially when you elect to go with something traditional like sash windows. There’s something special about period features that introduce a rustic charm that oozes class, quality, and style.

Our eyes are often drawn to windows, whether you’re approaching a property, driving past, or looking from the inside out. Regardless of your viewing stance, windows play an essential role in creating a great viewing experience. They’re known to enhance the curb appeal of your home as a presentation of everything you want your home to represent.

Modern windows often fail to capture the same charm as their conventional counterparts, so if you’re looking to create a visually stunning aesthetic it’s worth looking at sash windows

What Do Your Windows Say About You?

This is a key question, but not because what everyone else thinks is so important. Though the way you’re perceived does play a role in your advancement through life, having high self-esteem and appreciating your worth can work wonders for your confidence. Your home should be a representation of your core values, incorporating elements that resonate with your ambitions, preferences, and status.

Windows say a lot about who we are as people. Your choice of windows should satisfy your soul, and the right decision will bring you one step closer to happiness. If windows do say a lot about who we are as people, you’d be wise to prioritise high-quality, style, practicality, and whatever other attributes are important to your existence.

Spend a little extra today and you could secure the home of your dreams. Your windows will be an extension of your personality, so it’s important to customise them based on your individual preferences. Above all else, providing you invest the requisite time, attention, and money into your windows, you’ll be in a prime position to create a suitable setup that’s tailored to your personality.

Behind The Curtain

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    Sash Windows in a Conservation Area

    Homeowners with properties in conservation areas will have restrictions on the type of new windows and doors they can fit to their houses.

    Different Types of Casement Windows

    A casement window is hinged at the side unless, of course, it’s a top-hung window. These two configurations are the most common casement window styles.

    Get a Handle on It!

    Sash windows don’t require a conventional handle like those seen on casement windows.

    What Are Dummy Sash Windows?

    Some windows have an upper section designed to open and a lower fixed window which doesn’t. Whilst operationally, there is nothing wrong with the function of these windows, some homeowners dislike them because the top casement is not proportional with the bottom unit.

    Sash Window Shutters

    Internal sash window shutters tend to be associated with traditional period houses where the shutters offered privacy and security, good draught insulation, heat retention and prevented furniture and textile fading.

    Managing Condensation on Sash Windows

    Condensation is a real nuisance on any window, but the high moisture levels can damage the astragal or glazing bars on sash windows.

    The Clue’s in the Name: What’s the Difference between Hardwood and Softwood

    Hardwoods and softwoods are distinguished by the tree they come from. Hardwoods come from what are called angiosperm trees which are largely deciduous and shed their leaves every autumn.

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    The concept of window tax is easy to understand. Taxation tends to be aimed at valuable items and/or wealthy strata of society.

    Sash Window Surveys: What’s Involved?

    Sash window surveys are an essential and integral part of window refurbishment and replacement. The aim is to establish what repair work needs to be done or the requirements for an authentic and quality replacement if the customer wants to fit new windows.

    How to Clean Sash Windows: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Keep your sash windows looking their best with our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to clean them.

    Sash Window Draught Sealing: Yes, it is possible!

    Sash windows can be known for their distinctive rattle, but it is possible to draughtproof them without affecting the smooth operation of the window. The typical gaps around your standard old sash window can all add up to the equivalent of six square inches!

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Four hundred forty-five million people use Pinterest monthly to inspire their next purchase, so we thought we’d get involved. Pinterest is the ideal showcase for images of our timber windows and doors. It acts like an old-fashioned glossy catalogue or brochure and enables us to use a picture board of houses and commercial buildings we’ve worked on.

    A Day in the Life of a Joinery Apprentice

    Joinery is all about making things out of wood, it could be doors, window frames, staircases, roof timbers, or floorboards. Joiners build shop displays, and kitchen units and even work on the set of television programmes and films to help build sets. It’s a popular apprenticeship for young people who like making things out of wood.

    What Is a Timber Casement Window?

    The casement window is a hinged window and can be hinged at the side of the top (top-hung window). Available in a variety of frames other than timber, you can find casement windows in uPVC or aluminium to suit contemporary buildings.

    How To Identify What Sash Windows I Have

    Sash windows must be one of the most enduring features of period architecture in the UK.

    Sash Window Brush Pile & How to Use It

    Brush pile is a form of draught-proofing and significantly enhances the fit and performance of traditional sash windows.

    Do You Need a Cord for Your Sash Window?

    If you are a sliding sash window virgin, then you might be worried about some of the horror stories of sticking sash windows and cord and pulley systems that break.

    How to Remove and Install a Window Sash

    Learn how to remove and install a window sash with ease and confidence. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step. Click here for our full guide!

    Should I Choose Sliding Sash Windows for My New Build?

    More and more new building developments are following classical principles and using sash windows plus other features like traditional style front doors and chimneys to improve the design aesthetic of new housing estates.

    Sash Windows Launches a TikTok Account

    What started out as a Gen Z app, Tik Tok has grown exponentially and in very short order into a global business hub where individuals, as well as companies, are connecting.

    Some Interesting Facts About Glass

    From design to efficiency, windows remain one of the key architectural features of any home or commercial, or public building. Form and function are the twin drivers of good windows, and the importance of windows is just as much a priority now in architectural design as it was hundreds of years ago.

    Sash Window Reviews: Why Our Trustpilot Score Is So Important

    Like it or not, customer reviews are now an essential part of obtaining business. It’s so easy for anyone to hop online and check out a company, organisation, or business and a staggering 92% of people rely on online reviews before they make a purchase.

    The British Woodworking Federation & Sash Windows

    The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is the voice of the woodworking sector in the UK, a trade association for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry. The BWF currently has 500 members including manufacturers, installers, and distributors, and covers all types of timber products including windows, doors, conservatories, staircases, furniture, and interior and architectural joinery. As the voice of joinery and woodworking in the UK, the Code of Conduct for members is central to how the BWF operates.

    What Are the Main Issues with Sash Windows

    Sash windows are a prized period feature on old houses and a design of choice on many new builds looking to create classic lines, but a lot of people are more than a little afraid of them.

    How to Restore a Weathered Wooden Front Door

    If your wooden front door has seen better days, it might just be time to treat it to a full restoration. Not only will this conserve and protect the wood but it will completely transform the appearance of the house. The front door is the first thing people home in on and a shabby door with peeling paint is not very inviting.

    What is Installsure & Why We’re Proud to Be a Member

    Installsure is the new name for the specialist insurance provider to the UK glass and glazing industry. Installsure was created by the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) in 2005, the main representative body in the UK for companies involved in the manufacture of flat glass and installation and glazing services.

    What Are the Best Blinds For Sash Windows?

    Blinds are a great option for sash windows. They offer a wide range of light and shade depending on which way the room faces and what the room is used for. Their neat outline and near invisibility when rolled up never detract from the beautiful aesthetic of classic sash windows.

    The 5 Best Curtain Styles for Sash Windows

    Sash windows are a cherished feature of any traditional or contemporary home, but the right choice of curtains can prove tricky. Most homeowners don’t want to obscure the beauty of their windows however, there is still a need for privacy at certain times of the day and shade from the sun. This is especially important to protect wood and textiles from fading and bleaching and to manage excessive temperatures.

    DIY Secondary Glazing Kits – Do They Work?

    Secondary glazing is a good way to improve thermal insulation and reduce noise without the hassle and expense of fitting brand new windows. It’s a great option if your existing windows are in good condition and you like the design and don’t want to change it.

    Are Sash Windows a Peculiarly British Thing?

    Sash windows are about as British as the oak tree (actually an import from Norman France around 1,000 years ago but so ingrained in our culture that no one can remember), the pheasant (an oriental bird which acquired its Brit status around the 15th-century experts think), and tea, that iconic British drink, and ritual, with its Asian origins on the other side of the world.

    What Is the Difference Between Box Sash Windows and Sliding Sash Windows?

    As they look the same, you might think it’s quite hard to spot the difference between box and sliding sash windows – the clues in the box!

    What Is FENSA and Why Is It Important?

    FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. This is a scheme set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation and is authorised by the UK government. FENSA operates in England and Wales.

    Broken Cord on Your Sash Window? Here’s How to Fix It

    If you are a newbie when it comes to sliding sash windows, then the thought of fixing a broken cord might just fill you with dread. But it doesn’t have to.

    What are the Differences Between a Victorian and an Edwardian House?

    One of the reasons there are so many Victorian properties found throughout the UK is that this period in British history coincided with the industrial revolution and the peak of the British Empire, which was reflected in wealth in the homeland. Migration to the towns and cities to work in factories and mills required housing, and row upon row of terraced homes were built to support this influx of people. The accommodation was functional, spartan and uniform and reflected the move away from agriculture and the advent of the railways.

    Sash Window Problems and How To Fix Them

    Sash windows definitely have a cachet, and let’s face it, they are stylish and beautiful in both period and contemporary homes, but beauty does come at a cost and sash windows are known to be temperamental. They can have a bit of a reputation!

    Sash Windows in a New Build House

    Sash windows have a mystery and a cachet that is linked to period homes, but many people don’t realise that you can also have sash windows on a new build.

    Dressing Sash Windows For A Beautiful Interior

    If you have sash windows, then you won’t be immune to their charms and so making a feature of them when you plan a new interior is bound to be at the top of the list.

    Why Sash Windows offer the Most Perfect Romantic Backdrop

    When thinking about romantic photography, pre-wedding shoots or wistful images of children, finding the right backdrop is critical to the quality and aesthetic appeal of the images.

    The Environmental Benefits of Using Sustainable Materials for Sash Windows

    Eco-friendly living has become a huge initiative across the globe, where it’s never been more important to protect the planet we inhabit.

    The Role of Sash Windows in Preserving the Character of Historic Buildings

    Your house’s appearance is a reflection of who you are. If you walk into your home and experience feelings of warmth, comfort, and overall positivity, you will have succeeded in creating a homely environment you can be proud of.

    Sash Windows vs. Casement Windows: Which is Better and Why?

    Renewing your windows or planning a new build? Identifying the best window for your home is a key consideration during a renovation or construction project.

    Famous UK Landmarks That Got Their Windows RIGHT

    When it comes to creating an ambience that meshes with a building’s character and overall aesthetic, choosing the right windows is a critical decision. Windows can complete the look of a residence, provided they match the existing architecture to complete a visually stunning look

    A Brief History of Sash Windows

    The trouble with old houses is that there is always an innate reluctance to replace original features even if they are crumbling and not fit for purpose

    What Is a Sash Window?

    A sash window is an historic design which has a valued place in traditional and contemporary architecture both as an aesthetic statement and an integral and functioning piece of domestic and commercial building design.

    Is It More Cost-Effective to Replace or Repair Old Sash Windows?

    The trouble with old houses is that there is always an innate reluctance to replace original features even if they are crumbling and not fit for purpose

    Discover the Differences Between Wooden and uPVC Sash Windows

    Most period homeowners with properties featuring sash windows are firmly in the wooden windows camp but differences between wooden and uPVC windows tend to apply to all window types and not just sash windows.

    Sash Window Fixtures and Fittings

    If you think that sash windows are all about the frame and the glass, then think again. Like most old windows, sash windows are finished with a range of features sometimes called hardware or window furniture and these improve performance, fit and appearance.

    Everything You Need to Know About Sash Windows Locks

    When it comes to security, sash windows score highly as they are easy to secure and provide a solid barrier against intruders when locked. Casement windows with side or top hinges are far easier to force than a securely locked sash window. More than a third of home break ins occur through a window so it’s no surprise that most homeowners are keen to keep their properties as safe as well, houses.

    Secondary Glazing vs Double Glazing: A Cost-Effective Comparison

    Unsure whether to choose secondary or double glazing for your windows? Learn about the differences between the two and which option may be best for your home.

    Optimising Security for Your Front and Back Doors

    Most period homeowners cherish their external doors, they may even date to the property so swapping them for something new in uPVC even if it is impenetrable, just isn’t an option.

    How To Keep Your Exterior Doors Draughtproof This Winter

    That fashion in old houses and cottages to have curtains installed over exterior doors was popular for a good reason – it kept out the draughts. These days we want to show off historic old doors in a character property but the problem with draughts is that they are as old as the doors themselves and a persistent issue in houses of a certain age.

    Shut the Front Door

    A new front door can be a huge focal point in the appearance of your house and will have an impact that belies its size and style. However, choosing the right front door for your home is not just a matter of aesthetics, there are other considerations like energy efficiency and vital home security too.

    What are sash windows made from?

    Sash uPVC windows are usually made from painted plastic to emulate a wooden frame. However, our sash windows are made solely from African hardwood and are designed and assembled with complete accuracy and care.

    A Whiter Shade of Pale: Which Is the Best Colour For Your Sash Windows?

    Traditionally, wooden sash windows are white but, there is white and white. One of the criticisms about uPVC windows is the brilliance of the white plastic.

    Understanding the Anatomy of a Sash Window

    Probably the earliest recorded technical specification of a sliding sash window was done by Thomas Kinward, Sir Christopher Wren’s master joiner during the time he worked at Whitehall Palace. Amazingly, that’s around 1669! The oldest surviving examples of sash windows in the UK are at Ham House in Richmond in Surrey – these were installed in the 1670s.

    Money-Saving Interior Design Tips

    We’re living through tough economic times where prices continue to rise. Contending with the daily pressures of life can be challenging, especially when wage increases are once in a blue moon. What’s rare about today’s financial climate is how everyone has been affected to differing extents. Some have felt the squeeze a lot more than others, yet everyone has the incentive to build financial security by saving money.

    How to Enjoy 21st-Century Insulation with Traditional Sash Windows

    Who doesn’t love a sash window but there is a ‘comfort’ price to pay for traditional features. Sash windows can be draughty, and no one wants 19th-century temperatures and spiralling energy bills irrespective of how lovely their windows are.

    Interior Design Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Home

    Home is where the heart is. It’s a haven where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly at peace. To experience warm feelings you’ll want to create an environment where you’ll be 100% at ease and excited to retreat to after a long day.

    How to Look After Sash Windows

    If your house has sash windows, then they are bound to be one of the most prized features of your home. Sash windows shout style, heritage and status and they are also the eyes of the house, valued from inside and out.

    Sash Windows, the Listings Officer and a Bill for Restoration

    Buying old properties can be a bit of a three-act drama. You start by falling in love with your dream house and then someone, usually, a surveyor or a solicitor starts muttering darkly about Conservation Areas and worse, listed building regulations. Hopefully, the story has a happy ending as these rules shouldn’t put you off buying a period house. The key is to know what you’re taking on and, if the building is listed, how the regulations will apply to any window refurbishment or replacement scheme.

    Making the Most of Natural Light with Quality Sash Windows

    If eyes are the window to the soul, then windows are the portal to a home. They are one of the most crucial design elements in any home and can add enormously to the overall style and warmth of the property.

    How to Prevent Condensation Forming on Wooden Sash Windows

    You are probably reading this article because you pulled back the curtains this morning and found the glass of your wooden sash windows covered in a film of fog.

    Are Sash Windows Really Worth It?

    Our homes say a lot about who we are as people. They represent our core values, hopes, and inspirations, where we pride ourselves on the living environment, we’re able to create

    The Impact of Sash Windows On a Home’s Value and Overall Aesthetic

    Sash windows differ from modern variants due to their method of operation. Rather than relying on a conventional outward swinging motion, sash windows open vertically or horizontally.

    What Are the Different Types of Sash Windows?

    If you are a sash window aficionado, you will know there are sash windows and sash windows. Sash windows are made from two moveable units called sashes.