Get a Handle on It!

Sash windows don’t require a conventional handle like those seen on casement windows.

Instead, bespoke handles are fitted to the inner side of a sash window to allow the window to operate efficiently. There is a vast range of sash window handles with varied designs to suit different interiors, all made in a choice of metals and finishes.

Heritage Designs

Many sash windows are in old Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian properties. Window hardware manufacturers research original designs and make new sash window handles in their like image. Even the owners of contemporary houses keen to create a classic look will choose sash windows with traditional window handles for the full effect.

Sizes and different designs mean an almost endless choice of sash window handles, but beware of choosing style over function and practicality. Sash window handles are there to perform a practical purpose, so you should pick a design that looks good and makes it easy to open the window.

Sash window handles are sometimes also called window pulls. Sash window handles are usually fitted in pairs at the base of the lower sash on the bottom rail. Sometimes, you’ll see two sash window lifts on the lower panel with a pull or handle fitted to the upper meeting rail’s underside to pull the top sash down once the lower sash has been lifted.

If you are repairing old sash windows, changing the window hardware and fitting new handles can breathe a whole new lease of life into tired sashes.

What is a Sash Lift?

A sash lift is an alternative to a sash window handle. Some people find these more comfortable to grip to open the window. Sash lifts can make manoeuvring easier for heavy or sticky windows or even for people who struggle to grasp a conventional handle. Like sash window handles, sash lifts come in infinite materials and styles to suit virtually any window or interior.

Most sash lifts are made of brass, nickel, chrome or bronze, with different finishes that can be shiny and contemporary or aged and antique in style to suit a period home.

Size Matters

Some sash window handles are so small that they are described as finger lifts. These are usually around 80mm in width. However, window hardware manufacturers also make much more generous sash window handles, up to approximately 129mm. The sash window handle should suit the style of the window, be an appropriate size with workable dimensions and be chosen in a design and finish to suit both the window and the age and style of the house.

Matchy Matchy

Whether you choose lifts or pulls/handles for your sash windows, most homeowners want them to match and match the rest of the window hardware.

Casement fasteners and window locks may be other fittings on the window. Sash window handles, and lifts can match these, or for new windows, the design and style can be chosen simultaneously, and all the hardware fitted together. Fasteners and locks keep the sash window in its preferred position when open so there is no risk of accidents and also optimise security when the window is shut.

Sash window hardware is an essential element of the window’s function, aesthetic appeal, and finish. Sash window handles, and lifts can be subtle, unobtrusive, ornate, and bold, an opportunity to turn function into a decorative design feature.

We repair and restore sliding sash windows plus bespoke manufacture genuine new windows for a whole range of properties from the modern and uber contemporary to the ancient and historic. We fit sash windows to both domestic homes and commercial buildings and match authentic design and traditional techniques with the latest materials and innovations. All our windows offer optimal thermal regulation, acoustic control, draught-proofing and security.

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