Famous UK Landmarks That Got Their Windows RIGHT

When it comes to creating an ambience that meshes with a building’s character and overall aesthetic, choosing the right windows is a critical decision. Windows can complete the look of a residence, provided they match the existing architecture to complete a visually stunning look

Y ou only have to look at some of the most famous landmarks around the UK to observe incredible window shapes, styles, and designs. Whether it’s a bespoke sash window or a modern alternative, there are some amazing displays of glasswork that’ll transport you to another realm.

If you’re intrigued to learn how windows can accentuate beautiful scenic views and set the stage for a grand entrance, you could certainly use some of these landmarks as inspiration. After all, if you’re looking for something special then why not learn from the best of the best? Historic buildings prove that windows are far more than a traditional requirement. By incorporating similar styles you too can capture some breathtaking designs, moods, and overall charm.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most awe-inspiring window landmarks across the UK, specifically famous buildings that nailed their choice of windows:

Buckingham Palace

As one of the most historic landmarks in the world, Buckingham Palace is a hallmark of heritage and pride. Quite unbelievably, the building has a whopping 760 windows! Many of these, especially those at the front, are sash windows comprised of multiple movable panels. These windows can be operated by sliding a sash either horizontally or vertically, formed for ease of use that’s paramount to the functionality of the Palace.

The sash windows used in this building create stunning visual intrigue and are an eye-catching wonder for the multitude of spectators that gather outside. Because Buckingham Palace is a Grade I listed building, many of the traditional windows that complete the look are protected. They aren’t going anywhere any time soon, meaning we can bask in their glory for years to come.

If you’re taken aback by the Palace’s stunning architecture, can you imagine using similar styles within your home? This is a real possibility and you’ll even have the freedom to double-glaze your windows and perform alterations along the way. Many of the sash windows at Buckingham Palace can’t be upgraded to double-glazed or modified in any way, shape, or form. With this being said, with your own modifications you’ll be afforded a level of flexibility beyond what’s possible among royalty.

Orleans House

Located in Twickenham, Orleans House was originally constructed as a villa in the 18th century. It later underwent considerable changes, most of which were accelerated by large portions of the building being demolished in 1926. In the aftermath of this, fortunately, there were still sections remaining that symbolised the original structure and maintained the historic integrity of the building. If it wasn’t for these remaining elements, the site would cease to exist, but instead, Orleans House has been able to maintain its glory.

To safeguard the building from any further destruction, it’s now listed as Grade I and is thus protected. If you’re privileged to witness the Orleans House Gallery, it’s a wondrous venue that stands as one of the most beautiful destinations imaginable. The building has an incredible gallery with high ceilings and delightful interior design. The prestige of Orleans House has never been more profound and today it’s rented out for various functions, including weddings.

One of the most jaw-dropping elements of Orleans House is the sash windows incorporated at the front. These are huge and create a level of grandeur that’s almost beyond the comprehension of modern buildings. The Baroque octagonal room is one of the biggest draws of all. This has some of the most beautiful arched sash windows you’re ever likely to see. These are completed with several glazing bars and sit along fixed circular windows.

The visual appeal and overall aesthetic are a sight to behold, so if you can draw inspiration from this you’ll be poised to replicate some truly magical features.

St. Andrew’s Church

This treasured landmark is home to what’s believed to be the oldest working window in the UK. There’s something about wooden window frames that ooze quality and style, so it’s interesting to see the wooden window trend come full circle. Wooden windows were highly practical when they were introduced and are now used globally for their beauty and ease of maintenance. During the Saxon period, St. Andrew’s Church was able to capture a comparable level of magic on a grand scale. Many years later its windows are highly significant features that complete the church’s heralded look.

The wooden window that remains was discovered during extensive renovations in 2010. Today, it’s preserved by an oak frame that’s a testament to its status as a window that’s worth protecting. It had previously been hidden behind Victorian rendering but is now displayed in its full glory for everyone to see.

Though as a society we somewhat deviated from wooden windows in favour of plastic alternatives, it seems like the Saxons were onto something bigger than we realised. Wooden windows are now easier to maintain than ever, meaning you won’t be vulnerable to rotting wood and lots of maintenance. Instead, you can learn from this humble, historic church in Boxford, Newbury and recapture some of the brilliance on display.

Whether it’s a sash window or other, wood is a great material that’s environmentally friendly, visually stunning, easy to sand down, and can be painted for greater longevity.


If we can learn anything from our ancestors it’s that they knew how to build well. When it came to architectural building, they definitely understood their assignments, with no corners or costs cut along the way. This allowed some magnificent landmarks to be designed and built, many of which not only still stand but provide us with motivation for our own homes.

If you can learn anything from the styles of period properties, you’ll be one step closer to securing a dream home with stunning windows that dazzle yet maintain a practical purpose.