Everything You Need to Know About Sash Windows Locks

When it comes to security, sash windows score highly as they are easy to secure and provide a solid barrier against intruders when locked. Casement windows with side or top hinges are far easier to force than a securely locked sash window. More than a third of home break ins occur through a window so…

You may want to fit window locks for your own piece of mind, or your home insurer could require it. Either way, it’s a straightforward thing to do and with the right locks, you can also open the window slightly and then lock it into position for ventilation when you are at home without any security worries.

Where are the Locks Fitted?

A window lock can be fitted to the centre rail or to each side of the window. Either option restricts each sash from moving past each other.

Different Styles of Sash Window Locks

  • Straight Arm Fastener – a small arm attaches two plates on the window frame and casement keeping the window securely shut
  • Locking and Non-Locking Fasteners – these also attach to the window frame and casement but use a screw mechanism for added security, they are available in locking and non-locking varieties
  • Fitch Fasteners – secure the sash windows on a semi-circular plate on a pivot to keep the windows shut fast, these are also available in locking or non-locking versions

  • Claw Fasteners – a curved metal claw is pivoted into a receiver; these are a lock traditionally seen on Victorian sash windows

If you’re bemused by window fasteners which are designed to keep the window secure but don’t lock, these are sometimes fitted to help hold the window snug in the frame to prevent draughts and rattling when its windy. Prices for sash windows locks vary from as little as £5 to £25 depending on the style and complexity of the lock and what it is made from.

Window Sash Stops

Sash stops are useful to stop the sash moving past a certain point using a simple metal peg that protrudes from the frame. Sash window stops are unobtrusive to the look or operation of the window and are designed to stop sash windows opening unnecessarily (slipping basically) or opening beyond a certain point, so they are great if you have young children.

Sash window stops are made of two parts, a receiver that you screw into the inside of the window frame and a steel barrel that fits inside the receiver. The receiver is fitted permanently to the window frame and all you need to do is just screw in the barrel

Sash stops allow you to open the window and set it to a permanent position locking the window into place so that someone can’t open it wider and climb in. This the joy of sash windows, you can allow enough ventilation in without exposing yourself to the risk of burglary or intruders.

Sash Window Restrictors

Sash window restrictors fit into the frame and stop the window moving past a certain point so they are really like window stops however, they are spring-loaded and can be locked open or closed with a key.

Sash window restrictors represent the ultimate in safety as they can be locked into position and can’t be moved by an intruder or a small child. The standard setting in the industry is 100mm which is too small for a burglar to climb in or an infant to climb out.

Choosing the Right Sash Window Locks

Choosing the right locks for sash windows is just a question of working out what device best suits your needs and then picking a design and a material which is commensurate with the age of the window and the property.

Window locks or restrictors can make your home incredibly safe, and you have the advantage that sash windows are generally harder to force than casement windows so you can lock them open to a small degree for ventilation and feel much more secure.

We offer restoration and repair services for old sash windows using the best heritage techniques combined with modern materials and technology. Restore your sash windows so they are draught-proof, stylish, thermally efficient and fitted with the latest locks or security devices. The right choice of locks or restrictors can enhance your sash windows and provide unobtrusive security for you and your family. We also offer a bespoke service for new sash and casement windows in a huge range of shapes and sizes for both traditional and contemporary properties as well as a full range of window hardware and furniture.

Contact us here to find out more about adding locks to your sash windows and our repair and restoration services which can give old timber sash and casement windows a new lease of life.