Dressing Sash Windows For A Beautiful Interior

If you have sash windows, then you won’t be immune to their charms and so making a feature of them when you plan a new interior is bound to be at the top of the list.

I f you have sash windows, then you won’t be immune to their charms and so making a feature of them when you plan a new interior is bound to be at the top of the list. However, you’re still going to want some privacy, soundproofing and draughtproofing particularly if your windows are old and lack any thermal glazing. So, what’s the best way to dress sash windows for your interior design whilst still being practical and keeping the room warm?

Here are some suggestions drawn from a range of designers that make the best of the old and the new with some perfect styling options for both contemporary and period homes.

Net Curtains

Net curtains have a rather unfortunate reputation of dark old houses that your granny might have lived in, but they are well worth revisiting.

There are numerous styles, patterns and colour choices available to create something classic or contemporary. Net can be rectangular to suit the size and shape of the window, or you can use it in a much bolder and more decorative way. Half nets work well with sashes as they offer privacy for the lower part of the window for homes that have street frontage but keep the top half fully clear. Nets were designed to offer privacy without loss of light and they still do this really well. They are also a cost-effective choice if you have a lot of windows.


Some people feel that blinds offer a look rather reminiscent of an office or doctor’s surgery, but the look can be softened with tieback curtains. Plus, there are blinds and blinds.

Blinds offer all the advantages of nets plus you can lift them completely and just see the beauty of the window which is not always as easy with net curtains. Blinds are also great at reducing glare in south-facing rooms without the need to close the curtains and completely darken the room.

Combining blinds with curtains offers all possible options when it comes to light, privacy, draughtproofing and acoustics.

Bottom-up blinds present a real alternative to the traditional pull-down design. These are fixed to the windowsill and are pulled up along cords that line with the window sash bars.

Wooden blinds combine the look of blinds and shutters to give a traditional feel to a period home but equally, can spin a modern, crisp finish to a contemporary interior. Wood is versatile so there are lots of different styles as well as paints, varnishes and stains so wooden blinds can match with panelling in the room. They also have the benefit of flexibility so if you are changing the colour scheme then they are easy to alter.


Curtains offer perhaps the greatest versatility in terms of moulding an interior design. They can be grand or add a cosy feeling to the room. How you hang the curtains can create an illusion of space, just hang them wide of the window and as high as possible to add visual height to the room. Curtains also reduce cold and heat as the seasons change, they reduce and eliminate draughts and can dampen noise.

Curtains also offer probably the best range of choices when it comes to style and colours. Tiebacks are always popular with sash windows as they soften the lines yet frame the window to make a feature of it. Do bear in mind with long curtains that extend beyond the length of the window, that they block out heat if you have a radiator underneath the window.

Tiebacks can be simple ropes and tassels or large and ornate depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. Equally, tiebacks work with a simple window in a cottage or smaller property.

Choosing colours

Any window dressing requires a careful choice of colours and design which should work with the other features of the room to form a coordinated look.

Avoid bright colours in very sunny rooms as they will fade more quickly than muted or paler shades. Silk, faux silk, linen and velvet are the fabrics that tend to hang the best whereas suede, velvet, tapestry and tweed will keep out the cold.

We offer sash window restoration and repair plus whole new windows which can be retrofitted to old timber frames. Enjoy stylish windows which are a central focus of your interior design with modern materials that improve thermal regulation, draught-proofing and acoustics. All our windows are made from wood and provide genuine authenticity for period homes or a fresh modern look for contemporary interiors, with a wide range of shapes and sizes available.
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