Do You Need a Cord for Your Sash Window?

If you are a sliding sash window virgin, then you might be worried about some of the horror stories of sticking sash windows and cord and pulley systems that break.

Most traditional sash windows work with a cast-iron or lead counterweight that balances the window and is hung on a cord. This mechanism isn’t visible and is tucked away out of sight in a box within the frame. This also explains why some sash windows are referred to as box sash windows.

Modern uPVC sash windows and some timber versions use a spring balance instead of the cord and weight system. This is a spring-loaded device that counters the force of gravity so holds the window open without resorting to cords, pulleys, and counterweights. This method utilises a PVC tube in which there are two springs to counterbalance the weight of the sash. Normally, the tube has a balance cover that matches the rest of the timber if the window is made of wood.

Don’t let the mechanism put you off. Sash windows are a great choice for traditional and contemporary homes and add classic heritage-inspired lines to any property as well as having lots of excellent design features like great convection. They also work well where there is limited room to open a casement either into the room or outside. It’s an elegant design with a lot of relevance for modern properties and a cachet that is just timeless.

We use the traditional cord and weight system and use modern pre-stretched cord which avoids the problem of gradual wear and extension over time, keeping the mechanism sharp and as good as the day it was fitted. We also weigh all the windows carefully to ensure that the metal weight is the perfect counterbalance. The traditional cord and pulley system is authentic and historic and something most of our customers want.

You can repair sash window cords yourself, but it will involve taking the window out of the frame and exposing the box plus you need to match the weight of the window perfectly so sometimes that is a job best left to the professionals.

We repair, restore and manufacture sash windows for all types of properties, from listed period homes to contemporary new builds and self-builds. Our bespoke windows can be made in any shape, size, and paint colour. We combine the very best of classical styling and traditional techniques with modern materials like our pre-stretched cord. Our timber windows also offer the very best thermal regulation, sound and draughtproofing, and security.

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