Add Value to Your Home with New Windows

Changing the windows in your home is one of the best ways to add value to your property.

Upgrading the windows can be done for aesthetic or practical purposes to provide better thermal regulation, acoustic control, security and draughtproofing. Changing the windows is the only home upgrade that affects the inside and outside of the property and every room in the house.

Why Upgrade your Windows?

There are so many reasons to upgrade your windows, but here are the main ones: –

  • To improve the appearance of your home
  • Lower energy costs with better thermal regulation and draught elimination
  • Upgrade acoustic control and soundproofing
  • Increase security
  • Make your home more attractive to purchasers, remember the windows are one of the first things they see
  • New windows are a fusion of design and function and are a prominent statement that the homeowner cares for and values their property

Tips and Tricks

In order to avoid a fenestration disaster, here are some key points to guide your choice of new windows.

  • Choose a window design which suits the age and style of your home. If you have a period house or an older property, you’ll probably have to go with something traditional, like sliding sash windows, similar to what’s already there. Fitting a radically different style of window to your house just because you fancy a change won’t give you the return you want in the long run
  • Don’t choose a window style which is really different to all the other houses around you, especially if you’re in a terraced row – you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons
  • Research glass choices carefully; new glazing products are always coming to the market. Thermal regulation and low energy costs are top of the list for most homeowners and house buyers
  • Choose the right material for your home, uPVC is one of the most popular, cost-effective and low-maintenance choices on the market, but it just doesn’t work for some period homes. Aluminium or timber may be a better option depending on the style of your property – there are some new timbers like Accoya, which are designed to be very hard wearing and require much less maintenance than other wood choices
  • Maximise natural light wherever you can
  • Fit the latest security
  • Choose a style that works for your lifestyle – windows are functional and bring in light and ventilation
  • When you have chosen a design, check out how it will work in each room so you can make modifications if necessary
  • Choose a reputable company with a secure history and a good track record of reviews
  • Check warranties and certificates carefully
  • If your home is in a conservation area and/or is listed, then you’ll need to get the local listings officer on board to make sure any window changes comply with the rules

How much will the value of my home increase?

New windows are a significant investment, but are they worth it?

The value added depends on the windows’ type, condition and maintenance. Most homeowners can expect to see an ROI – Return on Investment – of around 70%. Windows have always been pretty much top of the list when it comes to home improvements that tick every box. The householder can usually recoup most of their investment when they sell and have the added benefit of increased kerb appeal when the estate agent’s board goes up outside.

In the interim, homeowners have all the advantages of new windows, which look good and should offer better thermal regulation, noise control and draught sealing.

We manufacture wooden casement and sliding sash windows in any style, shape and size for every property, from the very modern to old and historic homes and buildings. We blend traditional craftsmanship, which focuses on the handmade with modern materials to create windows fit for 21st-century living. Excellent thermal regulation, draughtproofing, acoustic control and security are top priorities alongside beautiful aesthetic design. We also renovate and refurbish windows both onsite and in our workshops.

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