A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Four hundred forty-five million people use Pinterest monthly to inspire their next purchase, so we thought we’d get involved. Pinterest is the ideal showcase for images of our timber windows and doors. It acts like an old-fashioned glossy catalogue or brochure and enables us to use a picture board of houses and commercial buildings we’ve…

It acts like an old-fashioned glossy catalogue or brochure and enables us to use a picture board of houses and commercial buildings we’ve worked on. Plus, it showcases how different people have decorated and dressed their interiors with sash windows as the prominent feature. Pinterest inspires 89% of users’ purchase decisions, so we felt it was the ideal complement to our website.

Why is Pinterest Unique?

Pinterest is perfect for the less formal side of our business and offers an excellent platform for a pictorial record of our work, a shop window for the world. A picture really can be worth a thousand words because, in one visual image, someone can see how a window or door has transformed an interior, the type of design, the colours, the style and age of the property, the décor, the curtains, the furniture and all without a single statement. Customers can still read the hard stuff on the website, like the services we offer, who works for us, testimonials and blogs about different projects, but it’s nice to be able to scroll through images and see what all this means in reality. That’s not to say we won’t drop in an image of sash window construction occasionally! It’s actually really useful to be able to share this with customers. It helps people understand the different parts of a sliding sash window we’re referring to and see how the mechanism works on a weights and pulley system. This is often far more effective than trying to explain it in a conversation or email.

Pinterest, the Provider of Inspiration

Pinterest is an information provider and an inspiration; it’s a voice for our existing and past customers and future ones. As every project is unique, we want to be able to talk about it, but often a picture can say so much more than text.

People who are unsure about what a particular window style looks like in a real-life context or who may be looking for different features or ideas for curtains and blinds can browse through hundreds of visual examples – it would be impossible to create that in descriptive text.

Pinterest is Personal

Our Pinterest presence allows customers to research our products purely pictorially and create a personal library to inform their journey to the right window or door. It’s also a great way to tell individual stories.

We craft bespoke new timber windows and doors for all types of properties, from residential to commercial, new builds to historic houses, plus everything in between. Depending upon customer requirements, we also restore, refurbish, and repair on-site or at our workshops. We can produce timber windows in any size, shape, style and colour and blend the best of modern materials with traditional craftsmanship offering optimal thermal regulation, noise control, draughtproofing and security.

Please look at our Pinterest for some shining examples of our previous work. For the nitty gritty, visit our website to learn more about bespoke sash window design and our repair and restoration services.